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"Goose" Is our Pure Bred Herd sire. Born and raised here in 2022. He has earned his keep with producing a great crop of kids in 2024. He is the son of SIG Augustus and out of a TNT Shazam daughter that we bought from Troy Lohman. Goose was our #1 buckling in 2022 and produces thick offspring with quick growth rates. We are planning to retain several of his daughters over the few years! Goose is 18 months old in this picture.

Herd Sires: Feature

Ice Storm is our 100% New Zealand Herd sire. We purchased Ice Storm in 2022 from Brian Graves of Rocky Hill Kiko's in Tennessee. We have been very happy with the kids that he has produced so far. We gave him a few of our registered does in 2022. In 2023 he earned a few more registered girls and about 50 commercial does. Not only does he pass on his cool color swag to his kids, but his parasite resistance is passed on as well. We look forward to watching his offspring perform over the next few years! Ice Storm is 18 months old in this picture.

Herd Sires: Our Farm

"Sweet's" is a 100% New Zealand Kiko herd sire. We obtained Sweets in the Summer of 2019. This guy gets the job done! He is an avid breeder and will stop at nothing (except an electric fence) to make sure his girls are bred. He is extremely parasite resistant and passes that trait on to his kids. We have never had to deworm him and he always has a #1 or #2 Famacha score! Sweets is 5 years old in this picture.

Herd Sires: Welcome
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