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About Our Farm

Immaculata Farms is a family-run farm in Sidney Ohio. We strive to produce some of the hardiest, low input goats around!

On our 60 acre farm, we usually have around 50-100 does and rotationally graze our Kiko goat herd on approximately 46 acres with our hogs, chickens and beef cows. Of that 46 acres, 20 of it is permanent pasture and the other 26 is brush and woods.  We cull hard for parasite resistance, great mothering, and average daily gain. We have registered, commercial and percentage Kiko goats. We only sell the best for breeding stock and the rest go to market.

We are registered breeders with both the National Kiko Registry and the American Kiko Goat Association.

If you are looking for pampered goats, I would recommend to search somewhere else. These goats are field hardy! If they can't cut it around here, it is an automatic cull!

So why the name Immaculata Farms?

Our farm is named after the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary. When Mary appeared in Lourdes France to St. Bernadette in the year 1858, she appeared under the title "The Immaculate Conception".

As Catholics, we know that Mary is a powerful intercessor for us at the foot of Jesus and she watches over her children as our Mother. We have consecrated our lives and all of our possessions including our farm to Jesus through Mary. We trust that through her intercession and watchful hand she will lead us closer to her son Jesus guiding our every action and decision to be pleasing offerings to her Son.

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